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Villages are groups of people with common interests that sit together working on a shared hobby or interest.
Villages can help you improve your skills, knowledge and since sharing = caring also provide a lot of fun!
Want to host your own village on hackerhotel ? Contact us!

Hackerhotel proudly hosts the following villages:

Capture the Flag village

This village challenges you to infinitely increase your skills by performing a series of challenges. These start out simple and increase in complexity. Everybody from all skill levels can experience the gratifying feeling of “when you finally break something”.

Hacking together is more fun, even if you’re working on entirely different tasks. There will be likeminded individuals that have the same goal as you: learning how to break stuff. Learning might be hard, but the skills you get last a lifetime.

The village facilitates things you need for getting started such as a short introduction talk, basic instructions and pointers to some useful tools and sites. If you’re an experienced CTF player, just go ahead 🙂

Challenges are supplied by the “Nuit Du Hack” CTF, which is a global CTF contest which is happing live during Hacker Hotel. You or your team might even compete for their prizes. If you like a more guided start: the internet provides hacking forums like Certified Secure and Enigma Group. These host a safe and incremental set of challenges. Other people at the village have also joined some of these forums: guidance on what to do here is available when you run out of ideas.

No registration required. Enough seating is available. Prepare to learn. Bring your system, an ethernet cable and accept that the harder you try, the more you will learn.

The CTF village is organized by Stitch (Elger).

Nuit Du Hack CTF:
Certified Secure:
Enigma Group:

3D Printing village

This village is all about 3D Printing, Delta printers, Beagles, filaments and so on!
Have a question about your 3D Printer ? Ask it here! Want to buy some parts ? Bart Meijer of Reprapworld is present to advice you and has brought a large selection of spareparts. People that have a monthly meetup at RepRapWorld will now meet up during Hackerhotel. Very cool community with years of combined knowledge knowledge about building your own 3D Printer!


This village is organised by Jos from Toool. Always wanted to learn how to open a lock without a key, you taught it yourself and now want to do it without using a hammer ? Then this village is for you. World champions of lockpicking are around to teach you, with see-through models of locks, images, tutorials and best of all: DO IT YOURSELF.
Learn how to use the different lockpick tools and techniques from Jos and his friends of Toool (The Open Organization of Lockpickers).