Counting down the minutes…

Only four days left until HackerHotel 2023 will take off. We have already seen a couple of
registrations and are hoping to see more still, because the CTF competition is going to be awe-some.  Remember you can join alone or with a team, consisting of up to five members. In this last update,  we want to let you know which prizes you can win if you join the fun, and those are pretty epic, if we may say so ourselves. The list as follows:
 1 st prize: €500,- (five vouchers of €100,- for Hak5, HackTheBox or CoolBlue, which one you choose is up to you);
 2 nd prize: €300,- (five vouchers of €60,- for Hak5, HackTheBox or CoolBlue, which one you choose is up to you);
 3 rd prize: €100,- (five voucher of €20,- for Hak5, HackTheBox or CoolBlue, which one you choose is up to you).

Just to be clear, if you are the amazing superhero hacker that wins first prize by yourself, you will win all five vouchers!! If that’s not motivating, we don’t know what is.
As a last minute hint we want to warn you to keep your eyes open at all times, in all places. You never know what you will find; this CTF is not JUST online…

As a last note we want to tell you that there will also be a cool pubquiz during the weekend, for which NFIR is also sponsoring the prize, which is a €25,- CoolBlue voucher. The pubquiz is played in a team of 5 members, so if your CTF-team consists of 5 members, you can join both competitions with the same team! This is not obligatory however. So, with all this last information out of the way, we just want to end our biweekly updates by saying that we hope it will be a great weekend with lots of fun! See you at HackerHotel 2023!

Come join the fun!

As the starting date of HackerHotel 2023 draws steadily closer, we are sure you are all wondering
about how to sign up for this awesome CTF competition. Well, your prayers have been answered,
because in this article we are going to present you with the link to the sign-up-form. Don’t forget, a
team can consist of a maximum of five people. Ofcourse you can also decide to sign up and try to
complete the challenges alone. If that is the case, you will have to create a team of which you are
the only member.

To sign up, click the following link: https://nfir.ctfd.io/register. You will have to come up with a
username for yourself and after doing that you can choose to create or join a team. Your e-mail
address will be noted, but this will not be shown anywhere on the platform. If you are the one
creating the team, make sure to note the password you use and the exact name of the team, so that
the rest of your team can join without any trouble.

If you have already assembled a team, make sure only one of you creates the team, after which the
rest of the team can join. Creative team- and usernames are appreciated, but please try to keep
things civil. We are looking forward to receiving all your registrations and are wildly curious to see how many of
you are up to the challenge! And mind you, for some of those challenges you will really have to think
out of the box. Have fun assembling the teams and registering, and we will see you at HackerHotel

Gameplay CTF

As we revealed in our update two weeks ago, one of the epic events during HackerHotel 2023 will be
a Capture The Flag Competition organized by NFIR. This competition will be active on Saturday and
Sunday, and will be put on hold at night, to discourage pulling an all-nighter fueled by Club Mate.
Taking part in the competition is possible both with a team or on individual basis. There are amazing
prizes to win, but more on that later 🙂

To make sure the competition is fair, there are a couple of rules. If a team does not stick to the rules,
there will be consequences (penalty points or even disqualification) for the entire team.

  • The CTF competition will be open between 06:00 and 23:00 local time on Saturday and between 06:00 and 16:00 on Sunday
  • Support for the CTF outside of business hours (09:00-17:00) will be best effort
  • Teams can consist of a maximum of five members (less is no problem)
  • You can’t hack anything that is not part of the CTF (for example, the website of HackerHotel and the website/network of the WestCord Hotel are out of bounds)
  • Do not (D)DoS any part of the CTF or related infrastructure
  • Do not intentionally break or disable challenges
  • It’s forbidden to remove/alter/hide/keep anything you find in and/or around the hotel that has something to do with the CTF
  • The award ceremony will be taking place on Sunday between 17:00 and 18:00.

Remember to play fair! We don’t want to see hints disappearing or challenges breaking because of
some teams trying to make the CTF impossible to complete for other teams.

HackerHotel meets NFIR!

HackerHotel 2023 is finally coming up! After the cancelation of our event last year we are really
looking forward to an epic edition this year. There will be various activities during the weekend,
partly organized by our sponsors. NFIR takes part in this event as Platinum Plus Sponsor and will be
organizing a Capture The Flag competition.

NFIR is an Incident Response company based in The Hague, The Netherlands. Besides Incident
Response services, they also conduct pentests, digital forensic investigations and MDR (Managed
Detection & Response) services. Furthermore, they offer Cyber Security Support Contracts and a
complete Security Awareness program.

This year NFIR is honoured with an additional task: the HackerHotel 2023 CTF.
No CTF competition is complete without awesome prizes to win. I mean,aren’t we all in it to win it?
Follow our channels to discover what the winner takes home. For now,  our lips are sealed.

NFIR has prepared around 20 challenges ranging from easy to hard in difficulty. The amount of
challenges is something to find out during the CTF. There are offensive challenges as well as forensic
challenges and probably even a couple of offline puzzles for you to solve. These offline puzzles will
be a way to score some bonus points if you missed some challenges along the way. Or you can just
solve them because it’s fun! All we can say is, use this information to your advantage.

Every couple of weeks leading up to HackerHotel 2023 we will be publishing an update regarding this
CTF competition. The rules, the registration and an exclusive hints for the eager ones. Don’t miss out
and stay tuned for more updates!