The date of Hackerhotel2022 has been changed!!!!

We hope to see you all :

11-13 FEBRUARY 2022

for another (Valentines) edition of

Why the date had to change (or at least i thought it should, for the benefit of the event):

The bungalows around the hotel are privately owned (so not by the hotel).
A lot of these bungalows have changed owners due to Corona/moneyproblems/investment options etc during Corona period. The last couple of months when staying in a bungalow was allowed with people of the same household these new owners saw high occupancy rates and great profits $$$$.

Now our planned date was 18-20th of February, this is exactly the start of Dutch school holidays.
So the owners, now used to great profits in holiday times, are expecting great rental returns on their investment.
If we only book the weekend, it is very hard to just rent out the bungalows for just a mid-week.
Most people want a full week. Therefor our prices (beyond control of the hotel!) would shoot up and i want Hackerhotel2022 to stay affordable.
Also a great price difference between rooms and bungalows would not be fair or drive people to hotelrooms filling up the rooms quickly, leaving single people out.

So therefor i had to make a decision and i decided to book the weekend before (11-13 FEB 2022)
The two big bungalows (one is already rented out) are also available and a lot of 8 and 6p bungalows.
Ofcourse it is possible for the lovebirds among you to book the monday (Valentines Day!) to enjoy a nice romantic breakfast in the hotel again!

I can understand people with children being disappointed as that would be great to take your kids to hackerhotel, on the other hand, 1st weekend of February is the Opensource conference in Brussels , so that allows people to go there and to hackerhotel and then have holiday with the kids. Some people might have planned holidays anyways with the kids and then also might miss Hackerhotel.

Hopefully the text above explains my decision and why i moved the event forward 1 week.
If you have any questions mail me info AT hackerhotel D.O.T. NL






The Hacker Hotel Crew.