Information Hackerhotel 2024.

A big thank you!

Wow, thanks to all visitors and sponsors of the 2023 edition.
What an awesome party we had, new main sponsor, more sponsors than ever, puzzle badge, 381 Visitors, 40 talks in 3 tracks, workshops. We sold 100+20+50 hoodies and will sell off the remaining shirts and hoodies (yes we have some left) after everyone received their orders. Please please please follow our Twitter for announcements on this and in general, as it is hard for us to reach you all!

Questionnaire and new Date for hackerhotel 2024

We will make a questionnaire, as we are curious about your experience, but we needed a small recharge, celebrate a 50th birthday etc. Despite not having the questionnaire online yet, we have received so much positive feedback that we decided to organize a new edition for 2024. The date is also already set:

Friday 9th of February until Sunday 11th of February 2024

Things that will change

Changes that we already decided on / were non negotiable with the hotel/things we learned are the following:

Social Media ?
Having a Twitter account @hotelhacker with 1377 (yes 40 too much…) followers for an event with under 400 people, still this is not enough to reach people. People called Saturday that they forgot Hackerhotel was ongoing. If you have any ideas to reach people let us know, at this moment we are thinking about an announcement list, which we will  use to send out regular updates, upcoming payment deadlines and rooms freeing up (waiting list!).

Having a Mastodon account is also not enough, we even have our own server thanks to Lutra IT / Eelco Maljaars, more on that on a later date. So how to reach people?

Friday Dinner
Another communication thingy: Despite offering it on the site, mentioning it in the description of the rooms and tweeting about it, people forgot to order their Friday dinner. Over 75 tokens were sold for Friday dinner onsite, next to the people that pre-ordered it (around 90). The hotel had a serious hard time keeping up, as everybody that forgot about this/missed this/came late to the party wanted to order food too. To the extent that the hotel decided to only use their kitchen for the people that (pre-) ordered the dinner. And had to close down for “extra orders”. Much to dismay of the other participants.
The non negotiable solution for Hackerhotel 2024:
The next edition will feature dinner for everyone on Friday! This is the only way the hotel can keep so many people fed. We will talk to them to make a more varied Diner buffet for both days. So Friday dinner is included in your ticket and that explains most of this years raise.

Early Start Friday 9th of February 2024
Because of this and having all meeting rooms available to us on the Friday, we will program Friday talks and workshops as well. Maybe do some very wanted and highly recommended workshops twice, to give more people a chance to learn a new skill.
Not sure on what time to start (yet), but for now we keep it at 13.37 (with workshops starting probably around 14.00). If this changes we will update the site, but better book your day off for friday the 9th already!

You are invited….
Last but not least. All people and sponsors that visited the 2023 edition will have a chance to secure their tickets for 2024 edition. This causes some extra work for the orga, but we were really impressed with all your support , but opening up the site after the tremendous publicity after the last event, would surely cause people to miss out and being too late (remember the bungalow sniping). But as we can’t reserve your tickets for ever as we have over 42 people on our waitinglist all chasing *YOUR* tickets, we will give you the opportunity to secure your ticket by paying before 1st of July.

How it will (most likely) work ?
Most likely you will be contacted by our staff, you pay and get the same arrangement you had the 2023 edition, at this moment, no upgrades possible. After 1st of July and before 1st of August, we have a clear view of what is available and left over. We offer than upgrades and after Bornhack (in August) we will sell the remaining tickets.

This way is the most fair in our opinion (the most work for us) but we want to see you all back as we had a good time. If this turns out in one big shitshow, then next year we just open up the shop and you have around  24 to 48 hrs to secure a ticket and chances are you are too late!  Also not nice 😉


1p room – 300 euro

2p room – 440 euro (220 euro per  person)

3p room – 615 (205 euro per person)

4p room –  780 (190 euro per person)

Bungalow place 250 euro per person

As you can see most prices went up 30-40 euro (except for the cheapest rooms to keep it fair).The price raise is for the included friday dinner and we finally decided to include the tourist tax 1,50 euro per person per night too (was paid from sponsormoney previously). Also the lunch (paid by sponsors) went up.

Thank you,
On behalf of the Hackerhotel orga
Dimitri Modderman