The Caminostones art project – or how to build a website starting from scratch

How do you start developing a big interactive art project using the Web, QR codes, GPS and databases as an artist? Without knowing anything about coding and making an advanced website? So an extended and interesting journey started. In which I had the opportunity, not only to learn how to
code, but also to meet with some amazing people, among them members of our Hackerspace TDvenlo.

Caminostones is an art project in which technology forms a big part. It is an ongoing art project with miniature painted stones, traveling from international trails.  Starting from there, they are free to travel the world. Their stories waiting to be discovered by those who are open to it (through QR-codes and labels).

I’m here to talk to you about this project and a remarkable journey that started 3.5 years ago. Especially learning the technical side of it as a visual artist. On April 1st, I will lay out my fourth Caminostones Art project. This time between Maastricht (NL) and Santiago (SP). This route consists of 101 miniatures laid out on foot across a distance of 2500 km.

About Andrea Haandrikman-Schraets
Visual artist/ founder of Caminostones/ programmer/ miniature adventurer.

Over the past years her art developed towards into a more experimental and border-crossing phase. Working on projects like the Northern light and the Caminostones project.