NFC hacking for Dummies

NFC cards are very wide-spread and often used in physical security or even payments systems, so you would expect their security to be good?
The hacking of the ‘OV-chipkaart’ got a lot of media attention back in 2011, but somehow the current state of NFC attacks isn’t as well known¬† – even though there is a lot wrong with many NFC implementations, including the infamous OV-chipkaart itself.
In this talk, you’ll be taken into the world of hacking your plastics. Everything you need to know to get started yourself will be covered, from theory to hardware.

About the speaker
Thomas Roos is an Electrical Engineering student at the Delft University of Technology with an passion for hardware security. After diving into the world of NFC and RFID and collecting many specialized cards & devices, he has developed the unstoppable urge to scanner every NFC card he can get his hands on – which in turn resulted in quite some responsible disclosures…
He’s also an parttime 7T MRI researcher at the Spinoza Centre for Neuroimaging in Amsterdam and parttime guinea-pig himself.