The OpenBSD hypervisor in the wild, a short story

OpenBSD Amsterdam started in the summer of 2018 after a poll on Twitter as an idea to start testing with vmm(4)/vmd(8). Mostly to see how far we could take it and more importantly to give back to the project. Little did we know where it would take us.

During this talk I will outline how it all started, how it’s build, how we operate the platform and what speedbumps we encountered.

We are a big proponent of using as much out of OpenBSD base as possible and it has influenced our design choices a lot. These choices will be highlighted when discussing how the platform is build and how it’s operated.

Mischa Peters

Mischa Peters is a long term BSD user, starting with FreeBSD 2.x and later OpenBSD as well. He is operating a hosting and co-location company out of Amsterdam The Netherlands, currently focused on providing services on top of OpenBSD and FreeBSD. The OpenBSD Amsterdam project is a good example of it. For his $dayjob he is a Principal Systems Engineer for a security company.