From Proof of concepts to working solutions

Dustin Snijders has been working with KPN ICT Consulting (and all its predecessors) for the past 10 years. Started as an infrastructure architect / consultant with a specialization datacenter and server virtualization technology.

More than four years ago, he was asked to contribute to the choice of a new IoT network to be built. The choice fell on LoRaWAN and the construction of this IoT network was started as an extension to KPN’s service.

He has contributed to quite a few interesting Proof of Concepts. From sensors for the underground water network, the tracking of free-running dogs to the registration of walkers in the dunes. All these solutions combined with centralized back-end and communication via LoRaWAN. Most probably the imagination speaks of the detection system developed by him with which the Dutch army is now practicing. During his talk he will tell, preferably in an interactive way, about the experiences he has gained lately. If after this, there is still enough time, he (possibly together with his colleague) still wants to elaborate on the movement towards 5G and more topical: the use of LTE-M as a complement next to LoRaWAN. If this does not work then that is not a problem because there is enough time during the weekend to discuss things with each other. Dustin will also be present for a large part of the time as a maker.

He operates various hobbies that fit perfectly into the stage, including 3D printing, Arduino, (Radio) electronics, modeling (drones) and he is licensed radio amateur. It is his plan, if everything goes according to the  plan, to show some aspects of radio amateurism during the Hacker Hotel. For example, he wants to try to receive the new geostationary amateur satellite Es’hail 2 or even make a connection via it. This satelite will then be operational just for a month and can be freely used by radio amateurs over a large part of the world.