Opening – Dimitri “Hobbybob” Modderman

Yet another edition of Hackerhotel. During this talk Dimitri will welcome you all.
Want to see last years opening ?
Check it out HERE.

Dimitri is a laser enthousiast building his own lasercutters, laserprojectors and is chairman of the Bitlair hackerspace in Amersfoort. Since 1991 he has organised LAN parties and in 2013 he was Head of LOC (Light Operations Center) at the dutch hackerfestival OHM2013. In 2015,2016 and 2018 Dimitri organised Hackerhotel with an average number of around 100-110 visitors.

SCION and why it matters – Piet de Vaere

The Internet has not been designed for high availability in the face of malicious actions by adversaries. Patches improving security and availability are constrained by the current Internet architecture, business, and legal aspects.

To address these issues, we propose SCION, a next-generation Internet architecture that is secure, available, offers privacy and considers economic and policy issues at the design stage. We have implemented SCION and deployed it worldwide as a global testbed called SCIONLab, which consists of more than 20 collaborators including research institutions, companies and ISPs. Explore today all the desirable properties that the next-generation of Internet provides.


About Piet:

Piet grew up in Bruges, Belgium, where he lived until he finished his secondary school (to the rejoice of some teachers). He then moved to the Netherlands (to the regret of his mother), where he acquired a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering form the Delft University of Technology. Not yet feeling like settling down (and chased away by the horrible dutch food), he decided to move to Switzerland and enrol in the Electrical Engineering and Information Technology master at ETH Zürich. One and a half years later he graduated, and because he was not yet fed up with the mountain view (and because he liked the food) he decided to stay in Switzerland. Having figured that out, he decided to berate his EE roots, and start a PhD in network security at the Computer Science department.

When not reading papers or RFCs, Piet likes to attend (and occasionally coorganize) various European hacker gatherings or fool around with electronics or other technology.

What Every Security Professional Should Know About the Dark Web – Mischa Peters

Turn on the nightly news or your favorite TV drama and you’re bound to hear mentions of a vast criminal underworld for drugs, sex, guns, and identity theft hidden in plain site – all you need is a computer or mobile device to get there – this is the dark web. But what is the dark web really?

While well known, fewer than 1% of internet users have visited the dark web and even among IT security professionals, only 1 in 7 have ever ventured to a dark web forum or site. This lack of direct experience helps explain why there is so much fear and misinformation being spread. But it also suggests that many in the security industry are missing out on a crucial source of information that could help them better protect their enterprise and better get inside the mind of a hacker.

In this talk, we hope to use our knowledge to help break apart fact from fiction and provide you with the basics you, as a security professional, will need to begin safely leveraging this growing intelligence resource to better protect your organization.

How three different generations use their passion for science and technology to inspire and empower youth – Jilles & Jurre Groenendijk

You can tell youth to stop watching TV, you can forbid them to play games you can even yell at them for using their mobile phones obsessively.
But what if you could inspire them to, instead of  watching TV, start creating the things they’ve seen on the television? And how cool would it be to create that awesome game other then just playing someone else’s? And instead of getting hacked learn how to hack yourself and are able to protect yourself?
This talk will take you on a journey by the people that actually did it. Three generations. Three men (all named Jilles).  It will tell you how they got inspired and what they did to inspire others. And hopefully it will inspire you to inspire others as well.