Book extra day

Here you can book an extra night after Hackerhotel.
Price is 60 euro for 1 or 2P in a room.
If you have a 3 or 4P room, add 15 euro per additional person.
Please read below text carefully so you understand what to order and don’t get confused and order the wrong products, it’s really simple actually but please read carefully, if you still have questions, email

You stay alone in a 1P room, cost is 60 euro.
You are staying in a 2P room, cost is also 60 euro but for both of you!
You are staying in a 3P room, you choose 1x 60 euro and add 15 euro for the third person.
You are in a 4P room , you choose 1×60 and 2×15 for a 90 euro total for the 4 of you.
You are in a 4P room, but only 2 of you want to stay and the rest goes home ? You buy 1-2P for 60 euro.

Here’s a link to the shop!