Luxurious Hacking Experience


Give a workshop!

Participants of Hacker Hotel give lectures and workshops in all kinds of disciplines and levels.

There is more than enough space to give your prepared or unprepared workshops.
We have 10 different rooms, varying from secret lairs to big presentation rooms.
Giving a workshop, whatever the skill level, is greatly appreciated. Contact us!

Post-Consumer Jewelery

Igor and Carola will organize a workshop “Post-Consumer Jewelry”. Post consumer materials ( aka garbage) can be surprisingly beautiful. In this workshop we will make beautiful jewelry out of of recycled plastic, electronics and paper waste. If you would like to join us, please bring interesting bits of waste! Cool colors, textures and materials can be a inspiring starting point for jewelry. There will be a 3 hour workshop for around 10 people, with focus on exploring various techniques and materials. Next to the workshop there will also be an open workshop during the whole event were everyone can join in and create pretty things. Just join in and start making beautiful creations!

Creating an rpm package and becoming a Fedora packager

Hans will organize a workshop on how to create a rpm package and (optionally)
how to become a Fedora packager. This workshop will span 2 days, the first day
will get you started with rpm packaging, the second day allows for questions /
hands on help to polish your first rpm package and for those who want to get
the Fedora packager process started.

Workshop Goud/Zilversmeden

Het mobiele goudsmidsatelier van SawuGo, professioneel goudsmid en kunstenaar Daan Uttien is de zondag op Hackerhotel aanwezig. Grijp deze kans om te goudsmeden en maak een mooie ring of een ander sieraad. Zowel beginners als gevorderen kunnen kennis maken met vormgeving en ambachtelijke technieken

Kijk op voor een impressie. vanaf een uur of elf is het atelier geopend en maken we samen sieraden met koper, zilver, goud en andere materialen. Een zilveren smeedring maken vanaf 50 euro, goud vooraf inschrijven per E-mail, kinderen (vanaf 10 jaar) kunnen meedoen voor half geld.

Speciaal voor hackerhotel kan je ook kennismaken en meespelen met ‘Passementerie’ uit de bronstijd, leer omgaan met een goudsmidsbrander en buigtechnieken

Workshop Beagle Building (Delta 3D printer)

_MG_6640_02Our latest delta printer development named “Beagle” has been unleashed! This is a beautiful looking printer that RepRapWorld has developed. The Beagle is easy to assemble, provides reliable, high quality prints and is of course open-source in the spirit of RepRap. Please join us in a workshop where you will be guided in building a Beagle printer yourself, so you can have a fully working 3D printer at the end of the day. As a special offer for Hacker Hotel we will be offering some discount on the whole package. Also on the standard and tower version we’ll give away 4 spools of PLA for free!

If you want to join this workshop send an email to: with Workshop as subject.

We’re offering the printer in three versions:

Beagle Mini

Primarily as an introductory printer, this basic version has a build volume of 170mm diameter x 150 mm height and is suited primarily for PLA using an industry leading e3D lite. Heater bed and LCD panel upgrades will be available in the near future.

Without workshop: €361,79 incl. VAT
Including workshop: €543,29 €460,00 incl. VAT

Beagle Standard

This version doubles the print surface area with a 240mm print bed, and includes a full e3D kit with high temperature thermocouple. For all these extra features and build capacity, we consider this printer the best option for value.

Without workshop: €603,79 incl. VAT
Including workshop + 4 free spools: €780,50 €699,00 incl. VAT

Beagle Tower including workshop

For customers that are looking to build vases or other tall objects, the Tower model adds an extra 10cm of build height and includes the LED lighting effects upgrade.

Without workshop: €724,79 incl. VAT
Including workshop + 4 free spools: €906,29 €799,00 incl. VAT

Reprapworld will also bring parts from their Webshop, so you can buy onsite:

– Controller boards: Megatronics, Minitronics, Arduino’s, Raspberry’s
– Mechanical Parts: Pulley’s, timing belts
– Filaments
– Printer kits