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profile_dimitri Opening – Dimitri “Hobbybob” Modderman

Yet another edition of Hackerhotel. During this talk Dimitri will welcome you all.
Want to see last years opening ?
Check it out HERE.

Dimitri is a laser enthousiast building his own lasercutters, laserprojectors and is chairman of the Bitlair hackerspace in Amersfoort. Since 1991 he has organised LAN parties and in 2013 he was Head of LOC (Light Operations Center) at the dutch hackerfestival OHM2013.


profile_dimitri Thomas kleurKeynote – Ludo Baauw en Thomas Renes

<- Ludo Baauw and Thomas van Renes ->
will do the opening Keynote talk of Hackerhotel. They will talk about ethical hacking, responsible disclosure and interesting facts they found when doing their IT Security jobs.

Ludo Baauw Bsc. is a veteran information security and internet systems expert with aspecialization in IT innovation, online security and information security certification:

He founded Intermax in 1994 at the age of 21 and has been director and major shareholder ever since; brought the company to a very healthy business employing almost 50 specialists and which is now recognized as the oldest, still privately owned and independent managed hosting and managed services company in The Netherlands.

Inventor and co-designer of the Dutch National anti-DDos Scrubbing Center (NaWas) which is the largest anti-DDoS shared service center in the world, being used by a large number of ISP’s, hosting companies and organizations that run the backbone of the Dutch digital infrastructure

Board member of the non-profit National Shared Service Centre for ISP’s in The Netherlands ( which serves more than 120 ISP’s and hosting companies. Co-founded Guardian360: a managed security service provider, part of the Intermax Group of companies

Co-initiated the regional IXP ‘Rotterdam Internet Exchange’ together with local government and partners.Regular Invited Speaker on ISP industry, botnet, IT security and anti-DDoS infrastructure across EuropeExperienced Trainer on Security and advanced networking & internet technology

Thomas works as a Security Engineer at Guardian360.
He secures networks and computersystems. As an ethical hacker he regularly performs penetrationtests where he thinks it’s a challenge to find the most creative and original vulnerabilities. In his spare time Thomas finds vulnerabilities at different companies and websites. As a real whitehat hacker he reports these vulnerabilities and advises companies how to solve the vulnerability.

PSJos Weyers

HackerHotel is very proud to announce that Jos Weyers is a speaker again on the 2016 event!
Jos will give a demonstration of “Lock Impressioning”. He is a world record holder and shows you how it’s done.
Ofcourse all with his witty sense of humour and answering questions along the way.

Last year Jos had an interesting presentation why you should never show your keys in Public.
Want to see it (again?), you can find the recording HERE.

Jos Weyers (@josweyers) is a world-record holder in the field of lock impressioning and a mainstayparticipant at LockSport events around the world. A long-time member of TOOOL in the Netherlands and a key figure at the Hack42 hackerspace in Arnhem, Jos is the Vice-President of and helps to oversee that organization and the LockCon conference. Most people know him as the Dutch Kilt guy.

PSBrenno de Winter

We are very happy to announce to have Brenno de Winter as a speaker again!

Want to see last years Keynote speech ? Check it HERE.

Ever since he wrote his first computer program at the age of 5, Brenno de Winter has been passionate about IT. Before becoming a journalist, Brenno had several roles within the automation industry. Within 10 years as a journalist, he worked his way up to become an expert in the field of IT, security and privacy and was chosen ‘’Journalist of the Year 2011’’. He received particular praise for his efforts in highlighting problems in businesses and government data security. In 2011, he renamed the month of October to Leaktober, where, for every day of the month, he showed serious weaknesses in the protection of sensitive data, resulting in considerable media attention. As a result of his research, Brenno has become proficient in the pursuit of transparency and raising awareness of cyber security issues. He is regularly heard in the House of Representatives, and consulted in legislative processes. His expertise, his uncontroversial way of thinking and his critical but honest opinions also make him a popular conference speaker.


profile_dimitri BS – Network Hacking 101

Normally, hacking a system means quite a lot of work: fingerprinting, finding weaknesses, exploiting weaknesses to name but a few. Using network protocols to do a part of the work for you makes your target come to you instead! During this presentation, we will look at a simple scenario, see how the traffic flow should be and at what points a well-executed hack can neatly deliver the hosts traffic to you. Of course, we will also look at countering these attacks. This presentation is an introduction to this type of hacking, no deep knowledge of BGP, OSPF, STP, IPSEC, etc. required!

BS is an experienced network engineer with a passion for technology and pointy things.

PSHans de Goede

Hans is doing a lecture on “Opensource OpenCL support for Nvidia GPU-s”

Want to see the lecture Hans did last year? Check it HERE.

Hans is also doing a 2 day workshop, so check out his workshop on the workshop page here!

Hans has been a Linux developer since 1996, working for Red Hat since 2008. Hans works on webcam, usb and uas kernel drivers, libv4l, libusb and libinput, Allwinner Axx SOC support and the Wayland and Xorg input stacks.

PSMarcel van der Velde

Trust me! I’m a social engineer
(A talk about human factor hacking)

Marcel van der Velde, in the Dutch Hacker scene known as Ijskimo, started social engineering at a young age.
Social Engineering, a science which is in growing (media) attention, but in Marcels opinion still not enough.
In a recent interview Marcel tells it was very easy for him when he was younger to “social engineer some candy”.
Also in his younger years he managed to arrange things that others, including adults, couldn’t.
“My first pocketmoney was spent on a red ballpoint pen. Think about that when you are 8 years of age.”

Although he seems a natural born talent, you must develop a skill like social engineering just like playing an instrument. “The basics can be present but the rest you learn by studying, doing and failing” says Marcel.
“That’s why I’ve always been interested in Communication in the broadest sense of the word”.

In 2012 Marcel won the first “Sogeti Social Engineering Challenge” with an overwhelming score during Hack in the Box congress in Amsterdam. This has renewed interest in social engineering for a lot of people and led to interesting discussions and new insights. Marcel is seen as an expert in his field and gives a lot of presentations for schools, (semi) government and businesses.

PSAnne Jan Brouwer

QtPass is a GUI for pass, the standard UNIX password manager. Just over a year and a half old, QtPass is now available on most platforms.Started as a quick “hack” to get management on-board in storing passwords in a secure way at my then-employer.Now used by many people, organisations and companies. Translated into some languages and with more than 20 contributors from all over the world.

My talk will focus on both pass, QtPass and how-to manage an open-source project in a way that gets people to (for their first-time) contribute.Hopefully inspiring more people to contribute to open-source projects. Going from “I have an issue” to “Here is a pull-request”.

Anne Jan Brouwer has been programming computers since he got to play with C64 at age six. Been professionally working as full-stack polyglot developer since 2002.Likes participating in demoscene and other creative coding events and competitions.

PSDustin Snijders

LoRa staat voor Long Range Radio en heeft een bereik van tussen 2,5km en 15km per mast.
KPN verwacht dat LoRa een netwerktechnologie is die in veel meer landen zal worden gebruikt.
De provider zal LoRa niet gebruiken als vervanging van 2g, 3g of 4g als mobiel netwerk, maar de technologie specifiek inzetten voor internet-of-things-toepassingen, zoals connected-auto’s, flexibele straatverlichting die op afstand aan of uit kan worden gezet en slimme afvalbakken die kunnen doorgeven wanneer ze vol zijn. Het netwerk is bedoeld voor apparatuur die niet constant een internetverbinding hoeft te hebben, maar alleen af en toe wat data moeten doorgeven. Daarom is de internetsnelheid beperkt van 0,3 tot 50kbit/s, terwijl een lange accuduur gegarandeerd moet zijn.

“Dustin werkt voor de advies afdeling van KPN Consulting in een rol als principal technical consultant. Mede door zijn ervaring, interesses, kennis en zijn vrije tijdsbesteding, bestaan zijn werkzaamheden doorgaans uit innovatieve, technisch georiënteerde, projecten en opdrachten. De ingebruikname van het nieuwe KPN LoRa netwerk, de toepassing van drones in het bedrijfsleven en innovatie op technisch vlak hebben zijn primaire interesse. Dit geeft hem de ruimte om Arduino toe te passen tijdens workshops, drones door de kantoortuin te laten vliegen en een 3D printer op zijn bureau te plaatsen. Thuis heeft hij op zijn zolder een hoogfrequent meetlab en besteedt als zendamateur veel tijd aan het bouwen van zenders in het microgolfgebied en de elektronica daaromheen. De laatse twee jaar heeft hij het ook druk met het ontwerpen en bouwen van multicopters (quadcopters, octocopters). Lekker praktisch dus…”

PSPeter Joosten

“Hack your body, mind and life”

Can you be a Superhuman? Peter Joosten investigates this by means of personal experimentation. How can you measure your life and how do all the applications, activity trackers, websites or other gadgets work? In addition, he tries out all sorts of things to test himself. In his lecture he tells about all the lessons learned from his experiments and research. From one month without social media, coffee, alcohol, warm showers or orgasms, till doing things every day: meditation, 10.000 steps or talking to a stranger.

Peter Joosten is owner of the blog “Project Leven” and a human guinea pig. He has his own blended coffee bar and organizes the Super Lifestyle Summit and the Biohacking Meetups by Permanent Beta in Amersfoort.

PSBas Oort


“Can we fix it?”

Fixing things is in Sebastius’ blood. Sometimes Sebastius’ blood is on the things. Teacher by day, hacker/writer by night. Sebastius is the author of the ‘Hardware 112’ series on

PSIgor Nikolic


Socio-technical co-evolution for hackers

The world around us is a complex bio-geo-chemical-socio-technical system that constantly evolves. Focusing on the socio-technical realm, we observe constant interactions between the individual, society and institutions on one side and the myriad of technologies on the other. They are coupled in what evolutionary theory calls a coupled fitness landscape. In this coupled fitness landscape, any move or change by any of the participants has direct and indirect impact on all other players. Hackers are a vital part of this evolutionary process, exploring the so called “adjacent possible”. By interconnecting, short-cutting and sometimes downright breaking the barriers between and within systems, we are constantly deforming this fitness landscape. As a result, by modifying the rules of engagement between the social and technical systems we shape the direction of this co-evolution. An evolutionary view on socio-technical systems based on theories of Complex Adaptive Systems and Universal Darwinism will allow the exploration the high-level and long term processes in society. This talk attempts to explore this process, provide a novel perspective and maybe even present a practical set of guidelines for hacking this co-evolutionary process.

Igor is an academic building simulation models of socio-technical system evolution by day and a hacker playing at the intersect of electronics, software and steel by night.

PSBart Meijer

Bart Meijer is co-owner of, the specialist in 3D printer parts and kits. With an IT software background he started five years ago assembling his first 3D printer. Starting as a hobby it quickly evolved into a full time job fiddling with electronics and software. As new hobby he started brewing his own beer, which is regularly featured at the famous ReprapWorld’s Beer and Pizza party.

Talk “Evolution of 3D printer electronics”

In the past few years the ‘hobby’ grade 3D printer has come a long way. From the early days where electronics just blew up in a puff of magic smoke, to optimized boards with special purposes. This talk will go into the evolution of 3D printer electronics and the very exciting future of 3D printer electronics.



Generating Lenny Faces For Fun and Profit

Hi, I’m polyfloyd. Last year I created as a fun side
project. It got some good responses so I’d like to tell you about all the crazy
stuff that happened along the way in my lightning talk at Hacker Hotel.