Shoot ALL the Hackers!

One of the long-running photography projects by Dennis van Zuijlekom (Hackerspace Hack42, Arnhem).
Its focus is portrait photography of persons who relate themselves to hacker/maker culture.
Dennis started this project in 2015 and it’ll never be truly finished, as there will always be new
hackers to photograph, as well as old friends having new faces.

Dennis takes great pride in photographing people looking at their very best and the results speak for themselves.
He’ll invite you to have your headshot taken during this event (and/or sometime afterwards).
You’ll be using his photo in your personal bio, guaranteed. The project and the photos are licensed Creative Commons,
CC-BY-SA, as Open Source and free/libre content is important to Dennis.

About Dennis:
Dennis van Zuijlekom (1979), is a Linux/UNIX sysadmin and one of his
many hobbies is photography. His works can be found both all over the
online and in the offline world. He has broad interests, but really
likes doing portrait photography. He has been a member of Hackerspace
Hack42 Arnhem since 2011 and has been a board-member since 2018. He is
usually known as ‘dvanzuijlekom’ on IRC and in various online media. He
was also a mindless jerk and the first against the wall when the
revolution came.