D.I.Y. Distilling

So you like Whisky? Or Gin, or Rum, or Vodka, or any other spirit? As a curious hacker this could easily lead you down the path of figuring out how it’s made. Tijmen is going down this rabbit hole and is in the process of setting up a craft distillery. Interested in nearly anything that ferments, he’d like to share what he has learned about distilling spirits, how setting up the distillery is going, and maybe even bust some moonshine myths.

Tijmen has always been interested in How Stuff Works and How Stuff Is Made. This resulted in a daytime occupation where he breaks (and protects) stuff under the guise of ‘security engineering’. A lot of his free time he spends on and at Hack42, where he is a board member. The Hackerspace in Arnhem allows him to spread his interests on an even wider variety of subjects. And craft distilling is obviously one of them.