Building your own Flamethrower workshop


Enjoyed the selfbuilt flamethrowers that Mike and Dimitri brought to SHA2017, EMFCamp2016/EMFCamp2018 ? WOooshhh big balls of fire, bursting 5m into the sky ? Want to learn how to build one ? What to do, what not to do ? What about safety? What is the fire triangle ?

This workshop  teaches you about the safety hazards, what to do and after the theoretical class and explanation we go to work to actually build a flamethrower. When finished building it, we test it for safety (leaks) and then go outside to hook it up and shoot some flames!

There are two flavours: If you bring your own empty CO2 fire extinguisher the price will be 210 euro. If you don’t have an CO2 extinguisher the price will be 250 euros. These flamethrowers will be the extended flamethrowers (so improved versions of the ones Mike and Dimitri brought to EMF’s Null sector with optimal control over the pilot flame. The extra regulators add to the cost but are well worth it. To see a price breakdown and what you will receive it the kit look here:

To join this workshop buy the kit of your choice (with/without empty fire extinguisher 250/210 euro) and we will make sure the complete kits are at your convenience at Hackerhotel.
Workshop will start Saturday 16th 13.00hrs