The main  sponsor for Hackerhotel 2018 is Guardian360.nl

We are very proud to have this innovative company as a main sponsor.

Check out what they have to offer here.


Guardian360 consists of a large amount scanners and probes, which are constantly searching in-and around your network for weaknesses or vulnerabilities in the security of both the network and web application. If, despite all forms of security and scanning, a network intruder or hacker is to compromise your network, our Canary sets off a silent alarm.
The 24-7 functioning Security Operations Center (SOC) will immediately identify and disable any intruder or hacker!
We call it ‘Managed Security‘. You may experience it as ‘a good night rest ‘.


  • Continuous Vulnerability Scanning
  • Web application protection
  • 8 scanning Probes
  • Internal scans
  • Remote scans
  • Dashboard on each device
  • Extensive reporting
  • Clear language
  • ISO and Compliancy based

The Gold sponsor of Hackerhotel is Cybersprint

Cybersprint protects organisations from cyber threats by giving continuous real-time insight into their online vulnerabilities. We developed Europe’s first Digital Risk Monitoring Platform that automatically exposes the organisation’s breaches on all the online channels like Web, Mobile Apps and the Dark Web. By simply entering the name of a brand or organisation, we detect all the online channels related to the brand -known or unknown to the organisation itself. This could include hostile unknown and forgotten online entry points.

By ’making the invisible vulnerabilities visible’ we help our clients to get control over their entire online attack surface, which will contribute to cyber security and compliance.

Cybersprint was founded in 2015 by Pieter Jansen and is an active member of the leading European security cluster, The Hague Security Delta. Learn more about us and about the latest developments in cyber security at www.cybersprint.nl

A Silver sponsor of Hackerhotel is Schuberg Philis


A Bronze Sponsor of Hackerhotel 2018 is  Oosenbrug Advies

A Bronze Sponsor of Hackerhotel 2018 is The S-Unit

About The S-Unit

Over the past 12,5 years, our ethical hacking experience has been gained mainly through working with enterprise clients in various industries.

Our security specialists, dubbed ethical hackers, spend much of their free time on various technology related projects – hence their passion for technology. Our experience with pentesting, gamification of hacking web platforms, reverse engineering, cryptography and the like is applied directly to our clients for example in building autonomous in-house security teams also referred to as ‘red teams’. These teams report high in the chain of command and have the mandate to test security of both information systems as well as human awareness without prior warning. The intent is heightened resilience against cyber attacks.

Start today, secure tomorrow!

AV sponsoring (Sound & Light): Phoxit

And last but certainly not least: PHOXIT Event Productions.
Sponsoring all Sound and light infra, i am really proud to be able to say that a professional company like Phoxit is sponsoring me. So if you ever need sound, light, video for your events , go to: