See below the schedule for an extended write-up of each workshop.

Workshops Friday 15th of February
Time Workshop Location Workshop Leader
Workshop Room
On request 1 on 1 evaluation of your slicer settings (paid advice) Workshop Room
More room for workshops ! Workshop Room YOU ?
Saturday 16th of February
Time Workshop Location Workshop Leader
10:30 Workshop Room
12:00 Workshop Room
13:30 Workshop Room
16:00 Workshop Room
Morning/Afternoon Session Outside (parking lot)
On request Workshop Room
Workshops Sunday 17th of February
Timetable Workshop Location Workshop Leader
Morning Session Outside (parking lot)
12:00 Workshop Room
14:00 Workshop Room
16:00 Workshop Room
On request Workshop Room


Blacksmith Workshop (SparkShack @ HackerHotel) – Gori

Blacksmiths are the original proto-hackers: makers of tools and machines, enablers of civilization. The craft has been around for at least 7000 years, and it is still going strong. This year at hacker hotel, you will have the chance to try it out for yourself! SparkShack, the metal workshop located at RevSpace in The Hague will be present, with an array of materials and tools, providing demonstrations and workshops on steel forging and aluminium casting. If there is interest and we all feel like it, we wil do more advanced things, like pattern-welding steel to make damascus, etching and staining steel, forging aluminium or casting copper and bronze.

The following activities are planned :

  • Forging and casting demos! Times will be announced at the event.
  • Ask Gori for a introduction to forging workshop. It takes about 1 hour, two persons max. Times are random and flexible
  • Have your custom 3D printed design cast in metal! Contact beforehand if you want to do this.
  • Come and play with us anytime the workshop is open!

Most important thing is that if you want to play at the SparkShack, please bring protective clothing. Red hot steel and molten aluminum are very dangerous and can seriously hurt you!
This means :

  • Closed leather shoes
  • Safety overall or jeans and thick cotton shirt
  • Safety glasses
  • Leather gloves
  • Ear protection

Absolutely no synthetic clothing! Synthetics can catch fire and will melt onto your skin!

SparkShack @ HackerHotel is organized by Gori, a scientist and dad by day, hacker and blacksmith at night.

Impressioning Workshop – Jan Willem Markus

Impressioning is the art of filing a key to a unknown lock. Impressioning is closely related to lockpicking where the goal is to open the lock. With impressioning you can save your progress half way and have a working key in the end.

How does it work? By inserting a brass key blank (uncut key) into the lock and apply rotational force and up/down movement you damage the key (and lock) slightly. The damage to the key is useful as these are the places where the pins are binding in the lock and we can file these binding pin positions down.

After repeating these steps, we’ll have a working key. This usually takes between 15 to 30 minutes with practice. The participants will need about an 30 to 60 minutes to create a working key. By ‘cheating’ we can increase the chance of success, and lower the time needed.

We impression on Abus C83 locks as this is the lock I practice on. This lock is used in the European impressioning championships. I’ve got all the materials for this workshop, and can teach 5 people at once. Even more when tools are shared. No further equipment is required.

In preparation I suggest watching one of Jos Weyers’s talks on Impressioning (

About Jan Willem:

My name is Jan-Willem Markus (@jwrm22), I’m an electronics engineer by trade. I’m always in for a challenge. I found my way in to the hacker community by BEEA ( and SHA2017. I’m a member of Toool and BitLair.

This is a chance for me to improve upon my teaching skills and make impressioning more popular. I’ll bring my lockpicks with me too, and some stupid easy locks.

Give a workshop!

Participants of Hacker Hotel give lectures and workshops in all kinds of disciplines and levels.

There is more than enough space to give your prepared or unprepared workshops.
We have 10 different rooms, varying from secret lairs to big presentation rooms.
Giving a workshop, whatever the skill level, is greatly appreciated. Contact us!