Towards A Maker-inspired Curriculum

# Towards A Maker-inspired Curriculum: How Society Could Benefit From
Maker-based Learning and What The Community Can Do To Advance MakingĀ  in Education.

An increasing number of educators world-wide is seeing the act of
Making as a potentially powerful learning method. Compared to current
day approaches, it seems to offer a wide number of benefits that are
far less present or even absent in more traditional teaching methods.
Unfortunately, the adoption of Maker-based learning in formal
education (e.g. primary and secondary school) is relatively small, and
due to various reasons it could stay this way for the many years to

In order to aid the adoption of Making in formal education it could be
beneficial if Makers assist teachers in implementing teaching
materials on both a practical and a theoretical level. When educators
find themselves unfamiliar with the benefits of Making, it could be
helpful when arguments and/or sources are provided that help grow
support for the use of Making to accomplish a certain teaching goal.
Often, teachers are very open to input that could aid them with their
practice and are often limited in both time and resources to acquire
this themselves.

During this afternoon session, I am going to present a perspective on
Making in which the emphasis is on advancing the adoption of
Making-based learning from a Makers standpoint. By providing various
insights from literature, I hope to inform people about what is needed
to get new projects into schools and thereby potentially help advance
the adoption of Making-based education. I do this coming from the idea
that the endeavour of Making has the power to enrich the lives of many
people and hence can have a positive effect on society and the planet
as a whole.

## About Winand Renkema

I am a dutch guy of 34 years old, living in Amersfoort, who has an
interested in science, technology, engineering and humans. I have an
BSc in Artificial Intelligence and I am completing a MSc in Science
Education and Communication this year. After finishing my academic
schooling, I like to work on and/or with technology that improves the
life of people by means of education and/or learning. For me,
education is the foundation of a prosperous and well-functioning
society (and world) and I believe that everybody should have access to
high-quality schooling.

I consider myself a Maker and the act of Making is a part of my life
and has been in some form or fashion since I was young. As a child I
for example spend many hours building various things using my Lego
(something that superseded at the age of eleven by programming). In
the last ten years, I picked up basic electronics, car/bicycle
mechanics and woodworking as a way to learn about technology and
materials. I enjoy building things from scratch and try to get better
at it by acquiring new knowledge and skills as often as possible.
Making is time well-spend, if you ask me, as I really enjoy learning
both the theoretical aspects and the practical skills needed to
accomplish a task.