Impressioning workshop

Impressioning workshop
Impressioning is the art of filing a key to a unknown lock. Impressioning is closely related to
lockpicking with the goal being to open the lock non-destructively. With the added advantage of
being able save your progress and have a working key in the end.
How does it work? By inserting a brass key blank (uncut key) into the lock and apply rotational force
and up/down movement you damage the key slightly. With high magnification these spots are clearly
visible. Where ever there is a mark we file, rinse and repeat until the lock opens.
I’ve got all the materials for this workshop. And will try to make the learning curve as smooth as
possible. This workshop is on Saturday and Sunday. No further knowledge and equipment is
About me:
My name is Jan-Willem Markus (@jwrm22), I’m an electronics engineer by trade. I’m always in for a
challenge. I’m a member of Toool and BitLair. This is a chance for me to improve upon my teaching
skills and make impressioning more popular.