A hackers view on public private partnerships

Everyone talks about P3 these days. Governments should work together with private companies to get things done. But what about cooperating with a community? With hackers for instance? Can it be done? If so, how? Or will hackers break the force as easy as their servers? Be prepared for a fun ride through the mind of a hacker, and the challenges in working with the law. And after 60 minutes, one can decide to hug a hacker, or shoot…

About Edwin van Andel
Edwin van Andel, better known as @Yafsec, was born on a late November day in the excellent wine year 1970 and immediately started pushing buttons from his crib. During his early years no device was safe for him, and his adolescence was described by his neighbors as a “very disastrous period”, mainly because of his discovery of computers, modems and the hack-tic.

After working with different companies around the globe, he in 2003 started his own company called Yafsec, with the sole purpose of guiding companies and IT dealers through the dark woods of the ever evolving security forest. As of 2016 he joined Qbit Cyber Security and Zerocopter, where he’s mostly working on publicly expanding their continuous security platform. In 2017 he became CEO of Zerocopter.

Elected winner of the Lightning talks at BruCON 2013, and organizer of the alternative NCSC conference “because no hackers were invited” #ALT-S, he is now a renowned speaker that will introduce you -in a humorous way- to the dangers, virtues and current state of affairs in the security landscape.

From a hacker’s perspective, that is……