Building your own TranspOtter

About a year ago we started to build a moving platform to carry our stuff to the 34c3. We named it TranspOtter and as it turned out, this project was actually useful. In the meantime we have built nearly 8 TranspOtters so far, which we and others use very productively. The project is based on “Hoverboard Hacking”, reusing broken Hoverboards by flashing the, with a custom firmware. As Hoverboards can be aquired quite cheap, they are the perfect base to create moving objects.
At Hacker Hotel we want to talk about our experience. You will learn everything you need to know to build your own TranspOtter, or another tye of moving object.
About the authors
Niklas Fauth and Jan Henrik Hemsing are hardware develotters from Germany. They started hacking hoverboard hardware nearly two years ago, when those toys were available broken for cheap on ebay. Since then they’ve gained quite some experience with over 16 moving objects they’ve built.