An introduction to Open Source Intelligence ( OSINT )

Open Source Intelligence is more than search engines such as “Google“ and Internet. Examples of resources are Job announcements, public records (eg building permits), personal records, news, periodical (press releases, radio, television) Web-pages, Blogs, Chatroom’s, forums, file sharing, company information (eg. whois), online News.
We all know that loose lips sink ships. Open Source Information is a constant threat to any organization, mission and yourself. Collecting information from available public, or open-sources is done by army, security, law, spies, Red Team’s, business functions and now you.

The workshop is open for everyone with a small hands-on training. Because it is on Sunday we will start slow. After a brief introduction about OSINT we start information gathering. We will use case’s from last year to find out how Open Source Intelligence is used in spearfishing attacks.
The presentation is done mainly in English, if you only speak German or Dutch that is no problem.
Students need:

  • Computer with a “”Virtual Machine” of there choice installed and enough ram and disk space. (Tablets, Arm mini computers are perhaps not a good idea for beginners)
  • Kali Linux distro with a free Maltego community registration or Maltego community edition installed on your OS. Kali Linux is preferred because more tools are installed.

About Onno:
Looking for a new adventure.
Illustrator with interest in puzzling, CTF, soldering, hardware, Social engineering, books, Threat Intelligence, Open Source Information and much more.
Drinks Tea.  Everything about me is true…….