3D Printed T-shirts, rockets, music instruments, decorative statues and much more.

We always try to find new ways of pushing our 3D printers and to put them to use other than just decorative models. We’ll tell you about our journey into 3D printing from Chinese i3 clones to our own designed Delta printers, along the way we’ll talk about the projects we have thought of in our spare time to try and help this industry along.

Who are we ?

Ben Kemp

I’m a software engineer for one of the Netherlands top 200 highest grossing webshop chains and you could say I’m a bit of an oddball. I like to find the boundary of where my skill and my inherent talent cross paths and pinpoint it, start experimenting and see if I keep that interest or lose that interest completely. As for what I do for our 3D printers, I was the one that originally wanted to build a new printer and with the help of my newfound friends, who turned into my colleagues later on, we found a way to build a printer that would surpass others in quality and size, far beyond my wildest expectation. For now I mainly focus on the website and try to use what I learn in day-to-day work into making this start-up into something greater, together.

Kenny “XDr4g0nX” Verhoeven-Rappa

Maker, designer, IT-specialist, musician, airsofter, overall just a geek. Just a couple terms to describe who I am in my free time, during office hours I’m an IT specialist.

I’ve always loved to play and build stuff ever since I was young, cardboard boxes became forts, 9V batteries were perfect to make small flashlights from using some LED’s. This fascination with building and designing never stopped as I grew up, the only thing that changed is that my tools became more sophisticated and more complicated.

At some point I bought my first 3D printer, a simple Chinese printer. After playing with it for about a year I went to a meeting where I met great two friends and we started designing printers together.