Talks Hackerhotel 2019

Here you’ll find all the recordings of Hackerhotel 2019.
The talks will be released one by one over the coming weeks (March 2019)

Room 1.

Edwin van Andel — Zerocopter (released)

Badge-team: Badge talk (released)

Dimitri — Closing talk: (released)

Eward Driehuis — Securelink: (24-2-2019) (released)

Peter Joosten — Biotech: (25-2-2019) (released)

Ben Fitzgerald: 101 watertower hacks (released)

Jos, Rob & Jan-Willem: The Room (Conclusion) (Dutch)(released)

Brenno/Cyberonderzoeksraad over email:

Mischa Peters: Darkweb

Jelly & Raboof: Reproducable builds

Oscar Koeroo: The sim is dead:

Matt Westcot — Bandersnatch:


Zaal 2

David: How to make hot sause: