Talks Hackerhotel 2019

ere you’ll find all the recordings of Hackerhotel 2019.
The talks will be released one by one over the coming weeks (March 2019)

Room 1

Edwin van Andel — Zerocopter (released)

Badge-team: Badge talk (released)

Dimitri — Closing talk: (released)

Eward Driehuis — Securelink: (24-2-2019) (released)

Peter Joosten — Biotech: (25-2-2019) (released)

Ben Fitzgerald: 101 watertower hacks (released)

Jos, Rob & Jan-Willem: The Room (Conclusion) (Dutch)(released)

Brenno/Cyberonderzoeksraad over email:

Mischa Peters: Darkweb

Jelly & Raboof: Reproducable builds

Oscar Koeroo: The sim is dead:

Matt Westcot — Bandersnatch:

Room 2

David: How to make hot sause:

Marcel van der Velde – Social Engineering (Conclusion)

Klazien Schaap – Love Hacks

The room clips

The Room – Walkthrough by Toool

The Room – productionrun

The Room – bathroomscene

The Room – team DankYoloSwag1Million

The Room – team doodleuk

The Room – team CyberHotel

The Room – team CyberSolders

The Room – team Team

The Room – team DeFeest

The Room – team De Bauers

The Room – team RedTeam