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Want to share a room with 2 other friends? Are you a group of friends from a hackerspace wanting to attend the event but don’t want to spent a lot of money?
There are just 3 rooms that fit 3 people. Hackerhotel prefers these rooms be taken by people on a budget.

Then this is the package for you, all the same benefits the more expensive packages have offer (the same beds, the same food, snackmoments, only you sleep in a shared room which is filled with 3Hotelbeds.

Sharing a room with 2 other persons ( send us an email with whom you will share the room, else we put random strangers in your room)
2 nights stay (friday to sunday)
Linnen + towels
2x breakfast (saturday/sunday morning)
1x dinner (saturdaynight)

The package price is a per person price based on a shared  sleeping environment (share the room with 2 others)
For the rest the packages are all the same.