Design competition

For Hackerhotel 2020 we want to organise a design competition.
It’s the 5th time we organise hackerhotel and we are damn proud of you, the visitors, that have supported us during those years! Therefor we thought it would be funny if YOU designed the next hoodie/tshirt line for all participants to buy.


To get everyone on the same page and to make it fair here some rules for the design competition:

– Only participants of hackerhotel 2020 can submit a design

– Designs need to be in before Saturday 14th of December before 23.59hrs!

– You transfer all rights to your design to Stichting Connected Freedom (foundation behind Hackerhotel)
This means we can use your design for whatever we like , you will get a hoodie printed with your design  before everyone else! You will be mentioned in the opening talk, your design will be printed on hoodies and t-shirts for everyone to buy in our merchandize shop. Finally eternal fame will be yours !
And we might ask you in the future to help us with design stuff (not mandatory but since you seem to know your stuff we might contact you to help us out). Remember Hackerhotel is done by and for the community 😉

– You agree that the organisation contacts you and might request you to make minor changes to make your design suitable to be able to be (screen) printed.
So we don’t censor, want to influence or change your design, but sometimes minor adjustments in size or line thickness need to be made because of the print technique used (a line of 0.5mm thick might work with one technique and might fail miserably with another technique).
We try to honor your design, if chosen to be “The winning design”, as much as possible!

– The design will be (screen)printed in 2 colors. So you have the shirt as a background and on top of that you can use 2 colors. Official Hackerhotel colorscheme is Black hoodie / Yellow text, but feel creative!

– we would like to see our logo somewhere in the design, people buy these hoodies and wear them to a lot of events. We as hackerhotel love to meet people on other events and are damn proud if  they wear the  hackerhotel apparel with pride! The maximum design size is around 30x40cm or about an A3 papersize.
So lots of space to make cool stuff around our logo.

– bonus points if you can incorporate Valentine’s Day into the logo (hearts, cupido’s, unicorns, rainbows whatever you think has to with love and Valentine’s day) since this edition will start on Valentine’s Day 2020 (14th of Februari)

– Bonuspoints if you add the date (Friday 14th of February until Sunday 16th of February 2020)

– We love circuit traces, robots, stuff that has to do with making (personally LOVE the OHM2013 logo with the 3 arms making, measuring and soldering). But feel free to let your imagination run wild, 30×40 cm is a lot of space (and you don’t need to fill it, coolness over quantity, quality over sheer surface…). You people are way more creative than us, so we love to see what you come up with.

– Download the logo HERE.

– Submit ,again , before Saturday 14th of December 23.59hrs to

Hackerhotel will publish the winning design shortly after that date and present it in the webshop for all people to buy.