Information 2023


Below you will find all necessary information about Hackerhotel.
If you can’t find the answer to a question you have, feel free to drop us a line at: info AT Hackerhotel DOT nl

Meals in 2 sittings: Early and Late

Also meals are served in 2 groups this year: Early and late.
There is a maximum of 175 persons in both groups. When a group is full, you are automatically placed in the other group.
You cannot change from group / meals. If you choose early all your meals will be the early option.
So the first 175 people that book tickets have an advantage.

The timetable for the Early and Late Sitting (Shifts) are:
Breakfast Early shift from 8:00 – 9:30
Breakfast Late shift from 10:00 – 11:30

Lunch Early shift 12:00 – 13:00
Lunch Late shift 13:15 – 14:15

Diner Early shift 17:30 – 18:45 uur
Diner Late shift 19:15 – 20:45 uur

Choose wisely as you cannot change from groups / meals.
Also after a group reaches 175 people it gets closed so no more options remain.

Dietary requirement

This year when checking out and finishing your order you have to input your dietary requirements for every person in your party. If you forget the system will give you an error stating that these fields are mandatory. Since there can be multiple people in a party (4 in this stage of the sales (1p,2P,3P and 4P rooms are on sale now) we have supplied 4 input fields for names, dietary requirements and sittings (Early / Late) that have to be filled in.

The first namefield is required (if you are one person buying a room for yourself), the rest of the name fields are optional.

    However the dietary options are mandatory to fill in, if you are alone or just 2p, then click at person 3 and 4 both options to (There is no person 3/4 in this booking).

These options help us greatly simplify the communication with the hotel so we count on your cooperation.

Optional Friday Buffet

Because a lot of people have requested proper food instead of snacks on the Friday evening, the hotel has offered us a dinner in the same style as the usual dinner on Saturday for a price of 25,00 EUR. This dinner needs (preferably) to be ordered in advance through our website and can be found in our shop. During this buffet the restaurant (or a seperate section not sure yet) will be only accesible for people that have ordered this dinner. Ofcourse you can also order fries and other snacks at the bar, during this time, or have a dinner outside or before you come to the venue. You can choose this option from the shop. Buying it later (until one week before the event) is also possible.

Don’t bring your own drinks!

Please refrain from bringing your own drinks to use in the general areas (hacking area’s , bars, halls etc).
You can organize private tasting sessions (Whiskey or Mate tastings) just like last year, but they have to take place in one of the conference rooms and certainly not at the bar (!!!) and have to be of a limited time (so organising a weekend long mate taste session in the general hackerspace area is not allowed 😉
We hope you will cooperate as this causes a lot of discussion for the organisation.

Don’t bring animals, we’re not a Zoo!
Why? Although in selected bungalows dogs are allowed when you rent them through Bospark Garderen, sometimes a bungalow is shared amongst people that book last minute tickets.
So allowing animals can lead to issues in shared bungalows with people bringing them and other people not being fond of animals.

Also bad experiences from the past with owners (” Oh he is so lonely, can he be in the hotel ?”) made us change to a no animal policy. Therefor no animals allowed during Hackerhotel.
Please don’t contact us after buying tickets that you cannot find care for your cat,dog, rats, rabbits at the last minute. Also see our refund policy below on cancellation.

Lazy Sunday!

Every ticket now also has 2 lunches, all rooms have LATE CHECKOUT meaning you only have to leave your room, Sunday the 12th of February 2023 before 18.00hrs.
So you can have a very lazy sunday.

Buying a ticket / Refund Policy

When buying a ticket you are entering a binding agreement with Stichting Connected Freedom, the organizer of Hackerhotel.
We have a new refund policy since people cancelling at the last moment or not showing up cost us some money, which we rather use for the event.

So this years refund policy is as stated below:
Cancelling 1 month in advance is a full refund
Cancelling within 2 weeks in advance is a 50% refund
Cancelling within the last week in advance is NO REFUND.

If you think this is steep or unreasonable we advice you to buy a Cancellation Insurance Policy (in Dutch Annuleringsverzekering). Ofcourse if you have urgent family issues (death/accidents/etc) Hackerhotel can refund but this will be judged on a per case basis and the foundations board will have final and deciding say.

I want to change….
my meal shift, add extra days, bring my son, daughter, mother,father, neighbor, neighbors wife,the butcher the baker, the candlestick maker… all preferably 2 days before the start of event. Please, read this carefully, please try to avoid this. Organising takes hundreds of hours per year, driving 1000’s of km visiting all sponsors before and after and not too many changes are much appreciated.
If you forgot to book friday dinner, extra day before or after, just go to the webshop and book them while supplies lasts!

Thanks for reading all the way to the end, hope to see you all in good health on Hackerhotel 2023, 10th of february until 12 february!

The Hackerhotel Crew 😉