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Are you a couple or a group consisting of 2, 3 or 4 people willing to share a room to have (some) privacy and have a bathroom among the 2, 3 or 4 of you. Maybe you are a family and all want to be in the same room to look after your children ? Then these rooms are suited for you! The packages are priced PER PERSON, not per room.

Example: Suppose Herman Acker and his significant other want to attend Hackerhotel and want to share a room together. Then the price will be 2* 125 euro for a total of 250 euro. If you book this together in one transaction, we will place you in a 2p room. If you pay seperate let us know you belong together and we will reserve a room for you two lovebirds.

This package consists of the following:

2 nights in a 2p, 3p or 4p room of your choosing (friday-sunday)
Private bathroom and toilet
Linnen + towels
2x breakfast (saturday/sundaymorning)
1x dinner (saturdaynight)
2x snack moments (this means the hotel will serve snacks on friday- and saturdayevening to all people present).

The package price is a per person price based on more or less luxurious sleeping environment.
For the rest the packages are all the same.